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 Good trading tips

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Forum Newbie

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PostSubject: Good trading tips   Good trading tips Icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2007 4:56 pm

Here are some simple steps you can take to help you out while trading....

1) Always get Name (first and last), Address (house number, street, city, zip code), at least 1 working phone number(always get the phone number first and call it before sending anything) All screen names you've talked to them on(PBN, PBF, AOL, MSN, ICQ, ec.)

2) If the person is under the age of 18 TALK TO THEIR PARENTS and make sure they understand what is going on... This will save your *** so they can't come back and say they didn't know what was going on... If dealing with parents get a cell phone number or number from them where you can reach them outside of the home...

3) After you get Name, Address and Phone #, use a source like 411.com to do address lookups to verify that they indeed live there...

4) If you are trading for merchandise over borders like from US to Canada or vis versa make sure you INSURE THE PACKAGE FOR WHAT IT WOULD COST TO BUY EVERYTHING NEW.... Now I know this may increase the customs fees a little but if anything were to go wrong nobody would be screwed....

5) If you have no feedback and are selling a gun don't expect people to send first or at the same time.... If you feel like you can't trust someone ask a mod or admin about 3rd party services... It's worth the extra $20 so make sure you don't get scammed...

6) If someone has what you think is sketchy feedback, check with a few random people on the list..... You could also ask a Admin to do an IP check to make sure there are different people...

7)Always do checks with as many forums as you can..... Just do some simple searches in bad feedback or theft forums to make sure this person is trying to scam your ***....

Cool When shipping something you value, I would suggest fully insuring it... Also request a sig. confirmation(this way they can't deny they received it)

9) If you've been scammed, don't hesitate to let the rest of the nation know....

10) Whenever possible, Pay with PayPal, MO, or Check.... This will insure you that you can see who cashed the money....

11) Also guys.. Get there license number.. This will save your *** in no matter what happens.. If they take your gun (Steal/Fraud). Police will locate them. (thanks Pballa14)

12) IF you're shipping to Canada from the states... Make sure you have your money or goods first or that you use a third party... By law in Canada, if a person recieves goods with out paying for them first they're considered a gift and the Canadian police can do nothing even if you have a 100 foot stack of evidence..

Well after all that I hope this helps someone from being scammed.... Good luck and happy trading....

PS: If someone tells you that they will send you a $2000 MO and you're to keep the agreed amount and then use Western Union to send rest to them and there Shipping agent will pick up the package..... IT'S A SCAM!!!! This is called the Nigerian Scam.... The MO is fake and won't show until 3-7 days later.... Which leaves you screwed because you would have to pay back the bank....

barrowed from wildcat04 on the nation
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J. Admin
J. Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Good trading tips   Good trading tips Icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2007 5:05 pm

you can sticky by pressing the + tab on options

then just select sticky

Im the admin. Beware.
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Good trading tips
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